Sorority Recruitment 2024

Sorority Recruitment is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. During this time, you will share your story with others while learning about the history of your campus’s Greek life organizations to find your forever home. Recruitment looks different at all schools but remains consistent with multiple days of conversation with active members. During recruitment, you should be open to new people and experiences, stay true to your values, and consider what type of sisterhood you want to join. 

Philanthropy Round is typically the first round of recruitment, and active members want to know more about you. This can be anything from where you are from to what you want to study during your college career. We created our ‘Philanthropy Skirt Collection’, which features a range of standout skirts. During recruitment, Panhellenic will provide you with a T-shirt. Most schools allow PNMs to style their shirts as they like. At CFD, we aim to make fashion fun while inspiring confidence and comfort in young women. The collection includes a mix of solid colors and memorable prints.

Recruitment involves multiple rounds, and the dress code usually becomes more formal as the rounds progress. This leads us to our Sisterhood round, where you will have the opportunity to share more about yourself while learning about the values of each organization. Depending on the school, most potential new members (PNMs) will opt for a stylish outfit or a fun dress. We have put together a collection of our most attention-grabbing sets and dresses that are sure to be a popular topic of conversation during your round while prioritizing comfort and elegance. 

The last and most challenging day of recruitment is the Preference round. You will remember this day for the rest of your life as you select the top house you wish to be a part of. This round is consistently formal across all schools. CFD, we recommend selecting your preference for the Pixie Dress to help you feel comfortable and confident in your final decision.

Whew, recruitment is quite the event! Sorority recruitment is not an easy process, but it can be one of the best weeks of your college career. Sisterhood is right around the corner, waiting just for you. We are so excited for you to find your home away from home. 


CFD Marketing Coordinator 

Jillian Rhae Maxwell