Cake For Dinner is here to empower young women to be fearless and fashionable. We believe the right styles and perfect fit enable them to move ahead with confidence and express their individuality.  

We are a women-owned and operated business inspired by our own daughters and the women who have led and taught us along the way. We work directly with a group of inspiring young women who guide us through each collection we design, so we are always stylish and inclusive – while also teaching them about the worlds of fashion and business.

Our founder, Chambless Kalka, was inspired by her own daughters and the search to find styles that allow them to look and feel like the stylish young women they are as they navigate their journey from girls to teens to young adults. Influenced by the seasonless styles of the South and our Atlanta roots, we design a range of styles as multi-faceted as the young women who wear them each day.

Cake For Dinner is on a mission to make young women look and feel their best through fashion with a perfect fit.