Our Secret Ingredient: Meet Mallory Atkins

Cake For Dinner, or CFD for short, is very special to me. This brand inspires young women to look and feel confident in what they wear every day, and I’m privileged to play a part in that. I have been given the opportunity to create designs that are not only stylish and beautiful, but that help build confidence in the young women that wear them. I want every girl to feel empowered and young at heart, with the ability to dress up effortlessly every day to feel bold and beautiful.

My love for design and creativity has always been a huge part of my life and career. I started making clothes with my grandmother when I was very young, and I owe everything to her for letting six-year-old me use a sewing machine. Designing for a younger audience today is so exciting and rewarding to me in so many ways, as it provides me the opportunity to include young women in the conversation about their clothing.

I remember feeling the same frustration of not having anything I wanted to wear as a young girl. I wanted to wear stylish, trendy clothes – but they often didn't fit, and I struggled to find a brand that helped me express who I was becoming as a woman.

I want the girls who wear our clothes to have fun, cherish these garments and know that we will continue to work hard to create fun pieces they will love and that help them express themselves fully.

As we’ve worked on this project, the icing on the cake for me has been bonding and creating with Chambless and Claire Kalka! They are incredible individuals with big dreams, and I'm thankful to be a part of bringing this dream to life.

Our collective hope is that all the young women who buy one of our pieces can pull CFD from their closet today, tomorrow – and even in a few years – and still love and wear it in a new way. We will listen to our customers and research to make it our mission to build collections that work into their lives.

Let's shine bright, be seen, and fill our lives with happy colors as we begin to bloom again!